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Welcome to Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries! If you are a refugee or a person with an emergency need, contact us. We are here to help you. If you wish to serve God's people in need along the Texas/Mexico border, we welcome your support and mission work. While our ministry primarily serves political refugees who are seeking safety from persecution in their home countries, our ministry has expanded to serve the needs of the poor on the Texas side of the border—from repairing homes to programs for young mothers and their babies. We believe in educating all of God's people, and we do so through assisting with high school and college tuition support for students and through a Bible Institute in Monterrey, Mexico. And while safety issues keep us from sending workers into Mexico, we continue to support the Casa Bethel orphanage through our donations.  There is a lot to do and we welcome your help whether in the form of donations or mission workers.  If you have never stayed with us on a mission trip, we invite you to reserve a time to join us. We welcome you!


HERE COMES MARCH....NOT MADNESS                        

BUT GLADNESS !                                         


How have you spent the last two months?  While most of the USA has suffered through a terrible winter we don't think any of us would want to endure the two month experience of Nelida, Erich and Lisandra  and their 7 year old daughter Vanesa.  
Fleeing from Cuba because of persecution, the 4 made it to Peru.  There they worked, saving money for their dream to gain political asylum offered by the United States.  They made their way though Ecuador and to the coast of Columbia, paying a native guide.  They literally slept alongside monkeys in the jungles along the way.  They joined other Cubans, crowding into one of many poorly constructed boats sailing from Columbia to Panama.  A storm at sea destroyed one of the boats, killing all 13 on that boat.  Making it to Panama, the 4 still faced peril though some regions of Central America more friendly to the Castro regime.  At one point they had to run for their life while being shot at.  There were many days walking through the brush in Honduras, Guatemala and then Mexico.  While on the journey they were robbed of everything arriving to the Rio Grande Valley with nothing but their clothes on their backs.  Rev.  Feliberto Pereira got the call and you brought March Gladness to these sweet people, providing safety, food, shelter and best of all, legal assistance along with God's love.  Within a week the 4 were on their way to Miami for their processing and now have been relocated to Pennsylvania where there is work, family and the Body of Christ to continue helping them find the Abundant Life that Jesus promised.

 Thank you Dear Readers  for your support that allows us to be a vital part of bringing Year Around Gladness to those in need, making God Proud and Jesus Famous!!!    

Not on a basketball bracket but on a work ladder, arriving from many places, meeting in the Valley
of Texas to do radical deeds of kindness and care!

Basketball can have their March Madness, it is Gladness for us!!! 

In this picture you find four regular disciples, all enthused by climbing a ladder for others!  You see, we cant have March Gladness unless we have an awesome array of volunteers who come from all over to help in the work of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries.  In this picture we have Jean Muir on the left ladder, coming all the way from Montana to work Linda Reynolds from Chandler, TX (right ladder) and Ken Mohler from Kansas City (taking the picture).  They were joined by Larry Cox (on the right) and Joel Pereira (left) who are regulars in helping with SWGSM.  They have been working to improve the exterior of Bayview Dorms 1 & 2 and the ladies have also helped the young mothers who are part of the Lilies of the Valley ministry.  

March Gladness comes with at least 5 work groups.  On March 9th First Christian churches from McKinney, Waxahachie and Houston will be lodge at Bayview and the dorms of Ebenezer Christian Church and then scatter out doing deeds of care, kindness and helps as they spend their Spring Break breaking for Jesus.  Then the next week, University Christian Church  brings a March Madness group down and the month ends with the First Christian Church of Ft. Smith spreading their gladness all over the Valley.  YOU COULD throw together a group, call the office and find an open spot so you could share in the Gladness.  OR  you could put together a load of rice and beans, send an offering, or whatever, all in the name of the One who saId if we did it unto the least of these, we were really doing it unto Him.

Ha, Ha, Ha, He, He,He and Wahoo!  We are in Gladness!  


The other two pictures show a Jericho Project home rehab. Larry guided this group also, as the Muller's are building a home over their trailer. Once the add-on in the photo is complete, the family will move over to that space. The trailer will then be dismantled and the home will be completed where the trailer now stands! The Lufkin, TX church group spent some days installing sheetrock in the new addition!

From near or far, where would we be without our volunteers? We encourage readers to continue to engage with us through work and treasure and prayer.

Greetings from Feliberto 

He is soooooo thankful how you all came through at the end of last year when we literally ran out of money.  Not only were you faithful, the awesome Week of  Compassion offering came up with a large gift that ensured that Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries could continue working with pastors, churches, Catholic Charities and the United States Immigration service to help legal refugees find a new start from oppressive situations.   He also shares that our dear Raquel is healing well and even coming back to work some as she recuperates from her illnesses.  

Lastly he shares a true story with names changed to protect these women.

Years ago, a desperate young teenager left her 3 month old daughter by the side of a Mexican road, knowing that she could not care for the baby. A stranger came upon the baby, and took the child to the home of Sofia, who could not have children of her own. Although very poor, Sofia raised the girl she named Maria, with love and care. Sofia gained legal custody. Now 17, Maria has stayed in school. Through her passion for art, she has developed great skill. Still a Mexican resident, Maria hopes to come to the U.S. to further her education. She also seeks rescue from "the valley of the shadow of death" where cartels rule the streets and roads of Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley. Sofia and Maria live in fear of kidnapping and atrocities against the girl. Sofia has endured an immigration process lasting nearly 10 years. She knows that the long process is so very important for assuring a bright future for this precious 17 year old.

 In an interesting side note, the biological mother who had left the girl on the side of the road as a baby, reappeared recently. She had accumulated great wealth as part of a family in a drug cartel, and wanted to take Maria as her own child again. She offered a fancy car and house. But Maria declined, declaring Sofia her real mother-the one who gave all she had with love and care for 17 years. Please pray with me that Sofia and Maria are able to complete the path to a better life with the continuing assistance of legal and immigration professionals. With your help, we can help.

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Seeing the face of the God of Jesus in the face and the journey of each of these brothers and sisters--the least of these--makes us feel like we are always in touch with the anguish of the cross but also with the hope of the resurrection.

  - Feliberto Pereira, Founder

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