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Welcome to Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries! If you are a refugee or a person with an emergency need, contact us. We are here to help you. If you wish to serve God's people in need along the Texas/Mexico border, we welcome your support and mission work. While our ministry primarily serves political refugees who are seeking safety from persecution in their home countries, our ministry has expanded to serve the needs of the poor on the Texas side of the border—from repairing homes to programs for young mothers and their babies. We believe in educating all of God's people, and we do so through assisting with high school and college tuition support for students and through a Bible Institute in Monterrey, Mexico. And while safety issues keep us from sending workers into Mexico, we continue to support the Casa Bethel orphanage through our donations.  There is a lot to do and we welcome your help whether in the form of donations or mission workers.  If you have never stayed with us on a mission trip, we invite you to reserve a time to join us. We welcome you!

Newsletter  June, 2014

From the University Christian Church, Austin, Texas who came to Los Fresnos in March.....


"Surprising how much we did in just a few days!  We caulked, painted, and installed new fixtures on dormitories at the refugee center at Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries.  We also giggled, ate ourselves silly, and deepened our relationships throughout.  Attendees included Jimmy & Sue Cobb, Susan Cassano & Helen Besse, David & Judy Kellogg, Catherine Daniell, George Madden, Jo Dawn Noble, and Judy Brumley. 


In-depth conversations were held with Feliberto Pereira & Joel Pereira (who lead SWGSM), Larry Cox & Dr. Nancy Rodriguez (who lead Juntos Servimos and Casa Bugambia respectively), and Servando & Guille Peralez (who lead the Lilies of the Valley). 


Despite our previous 'understanding' of the violence at the border, we were stunned by the selfless giving of these six folks, all day, everyday, at the risk of themselves and their families.   To say that ongoing needs exist in our extended community is a huge understatement. 


Here are a few of our participants' quotes:


"Much was accomplished in a very little time."


 "An amazing experience of learning from those that give all their time to helping others as well as the fellowship with those from UCC that went on the trip"


 "The commitment of these six persons is phenomenal"


"Surprised and gratified by how many of our commission statements (from our church the day before we left) came true!"


 "The trip has given me a new sense of purpose."



Susan, David, Judy, Helen, Catherine, George, Judy, Jo Dawn, Jimmy, and Sue

The Hall Dedication Attended by 80 On April 26th!

After the sidewalks were poured and trees planted, Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries dedicated the new building to the service of God's work at Bayview Camp.  This large multipurpose building was built by the Disciples Men of the Southwest Region plus many church work groups during the past year.  It will be a great asset to the ministry of Retreats and Special Events that need more room.  These Retreats and more are a major source of funding for our ministry.  Board Chair Dr. John Callison bought the message of dedication and a special plaque was presented and installed.  The camp at Bayview has become a major "Holy Place" for the churches of the Valley and beyond.  Thanks to all who have helped fund it and keep the lights on. 

Jose Gonzales, John Callison, Feliberto Pereira, Nathan Higginbotham and Jimmie Muckleroy put dedication plaque on The Hall. 

First Christian Church of McKinney, Texas does it again!

The awesome Mission team from FCC, McKinney!    
Playing and praying and working to Make God Proud
                                                                                                  and Jesus Famous!

For 22 years this church has sent a Mission Work group to do what ever is needed.  This year they built, poured, planted, played and prayed with everyone they met.  The workers built new entrance to The Hall, a large multipurpose building that will be used for the large retreats and special meetings that help fund out ministry.  They framed and poured concrete sidewalks that go from the road to The Hall.  They planted 50 trees around The Hall and apartments and also framed and poured concrete side walk to the Lilies building,

The outstanding cooks and servant types then served dinner for 84 at "Loaves and Fishes" in Harlingen, a ministry that feeds the poor.  They also worked a 2 day VBS for preK kids at Iglesia Christiana Emmanuel in San Benito, working with the staff of "Lilies Of The Valley" ministry, also a part of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries.  They sorted and unpacked boxes for Larry Cox at the Casa Bugambilia warehouse.  

Whew!  Hurrah for them!

Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries is thankful for the churches that bring groups
to work in the Valley.  If you and your church want to come and work,
call us right now at 956-233-5198!


The picture in this article is of 9 Cubans who have recently entered into the United States by a miracle and are under the care of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries (the picture includes Feliberto at the far right).  

While at sea, they were in day 10 and had run out of water and food.  A storm came up and the waves rose to 20 foot monsters.  They were exhausted and without hope, ready to die because there was no way they could beat the waves.  One of the men was a pastor and he asked the others to pray.  Being from a Communist country, not one of them were Christian.  The Pastor explained that didn't matter because God loved each and every one of them and would hear their prayers for sure.  They followed the Pastor in prayer and in minutes the waves went from two stories high to calm seas.  They wanted to honor the Pastor but he told them of the Christ who calmed the seas in the Bible and they all asked Jesus to be their Savior.   Feliberto reports that 5 are living with him and the other 4 are at Posada, the Catholic Retreat Center.  

Feliberto works regularly with Catholic Charities and with a God sent lady named Monica, an employee who provides pro bono legal help for the refugees.  Feliberto reports that the U.S. government has been so kind and efficient in helping this nine to get registered and that they are able to buy basic foods until they get more permanently settled.  They wept with joy at the reception they received and got an American flag and proudly display it where they live.  Ask them if God does Miracles at Sea and they will tell you yes!


Also recently Feliberto had his cousin come into the United States from Cuba.  Heriberto with wife Grace and  son Frank have been accepted into the Regugee Resettlement Program, bringing great joy to Feliberto's family.  They will live in Los Fresnos and be a help to Feliberto in ministry.  Feliberto still has his mom living in Cuba (Mere Pereira, age 97!) with his brother, who is a medical doctor there.


Thanks to all of you who give and share and pray and help with the work of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries!

Thanks to all of you who support this ministry with your prayers and pesos.  We recently received 14,000 pounds of rice from the Coastal Plains Area, we have hired Joel Pereira, Feliberto's son to help in a full time Interim position.  We have adequate financial giving but need food and personal items for the many refugees we are currently hosting.  Please consider putting us in your church budget or supporting our ministry in some other way.  May God bless you and all you do!


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Seeing the face of the God of Jesus in the face and the journey of each of these brothers and sisters--the least of these--makes us feel like we are always in touch with the anguish of the cross but also with the hope of the resurrection.

  - Feliberto Pereira, Founder

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